Olney Farmers & Artists Market

4th of July Market and Chili Cookoff

Amidst the heat and power blackouts, the Market held a fun event on the afternoon of July 4th.  Many of our regular vendors, and some new ones, came out to sell on Wednesday.  There was music for the whole time, and the chili contest was a great success.

Our celebrity judges did a great job.  They were: Erin Simpson Lozier, Food Editor at Large for Better Homes and Gardens magazine and a freelance food writer, editor, and recipe developer; Tim Dillworth, Post Producer at HalfYard production and Independent Writer, producer and director, editor of the popular and famous “Hillbilly Fishing” T.V. show; and Olney’s own James Ricciuti- Owner of the famous Ricciuti Restaurant, which highlights locally grown and seasonally inspired dishes.

There were 11 entries.  I had to leave before the end of the contest, so I will report the list of winners when I get it.  Meanwhile, here are some of the sights to be seen.

Vendors In Hats

Wonder Woman! AKA Heidi Emmer

Chili Entries Ready To Judge

The Judges: Tim, James, Erin

The Crowd Awaiting Judgement

Judy Newton

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